The Orthopedic, Spine and Sports Medicine Specialists at Active Orthopedics and Sports Medicine strive to provide patients with the best treatment options. The two newest treatment options we offer for orthopedic and sports injuries are mesenchymal stem cells and platelet-rich plasma (PRP) injections.  These and other similar treatments are often referred to as “Regenerative Medicine”.

The information presented in this post will help patients better understand each treatment. Patients who are interested in receiving treatment are advised to schedule an appointment with one of our Orthopedic and Sports Medicine Specialists.

What Are Mesenchymal Stem Cells and How Do They Treat Injuries?

Mesenchymal stem cells are the bodies own specialized cells that have the potential to develop into cells that can repair damaged tissue, ligaments or tendons.   Essentially, these cells are the “blank cells” of the body that adapt into the type of cells they are surrounded by.

Mesenchymal stem cell treatment involves harvesting mesenchymal stem cells from fat or bone and redistributing them to an injured area.

 As cells specialize, healing processes occur more rapidly and inflammation decreases. Relief from pain, swelling, tenderness, and other symptoms commonly associated with sports injuries quickly occurs.

What is Platelet Rich Plasma (PRP)?

Platelets are the component of blood responsible for healing injuries, but blood that is found in the body contains a very small percentage (> 1%) of platelets. PRP treatment involves drawing blood from a patient, separating platelets from the blood using a centrifuge and injecting PRP into an injured area.

Once injected, the platelets can expedite the healing process for certain injuries.  This is due to specific proteins and growth factors contained in the platelet rich plasma that decrease inflammation and can repair damaged tissue or tendons.

Injuries Treated with Stem Cells and PRP

Stem cells and PRP are commonly used to treat inflammation and tendon injuries. Common sports injuries that are treated include the following:\

  1. Tennis and golfer’s elbow. Injuries characterized by the inflammation of the forearm tendons at their insertion point on the elbow.
  2. Achilles tendonitis. Inflammation of the tendon that attaches the calf muscle to the back of the heel.
  3. Patellar tendonitis. Inflammation of the tendon that connects the kneecap to the shin bone.

 Other injuries that can be treated include small cartilage tears and osteoarthritis. When used correctly, these treatments provide patients with long-term symptom relief.

Scheduling an Appointment at Active Orthopedics and Sports Medicine

The specialists at Active Orthopedics and Sports Medicine effectively treat orthopedic and sports injuries using Regenerative Medicine. Patients who experience an injury are advised to make an appointment with a specialist as soon as possible to receive a diagnosis in one of our 4 Bergen and Essex County locations. The road to a complete recovery starts when you walk through the doors of Active Orthopedics and Sports Medicine.

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