Anterior Hip Replacement

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What is an Anterior Hip Replacement?

A damaged hip can make everyday activities such as walking, getting in and out of a chair, or putting on socks and shoes extremely painful and difficult. It can even make just sitting uncomfortable. If you have been putting off surgery because of the length of recovery time, our surgeons have an option you may want to consider. You may be a candidate for a less invasive hip procedure, which can gets you on your feet faster than the traditional approach.

The Procedure

Anterior hip replacement is a newer, minimally invasive alternative to the traditional hip replacement approach. This procedure involves cutting a four-inch incision through the front, rather than the leg. The anterior approach provides the surgeon with a better view of the hip socket and preserves the muscles. By entering the leg from the front, the surgeon can reach the hip joint by separating the muscles, rather than cutting and reattaching them. Because the incision is so small, the procedure can be sometimes be done as an outpatient, avoiding needless admission to the hospital.

The Advantage

The anterior approach has several advantages over the traditional posterior procedure. The smaller incision means more rapid recovery. Patients can bend at the hip and bear weight as soon as it is comfortable. Since the muscles are simply separated rather than cut, patients typically experience less pain after surgery. And because the muscles and soft tissue are not disturbed, patients have better range of motion and decreased chance for hip dislocation.

Are You A Candidate?

f your hip is damaged as a result of an injury, osteoarthritis, rheumatoid arthritis, or avascular necrosis, you could be a candidate for the anterior approach. Patients who are severely overweight, are muscular, have a wide pelvis, or who have implants or metal hardware in the hip from a prior surgery may not be well-suited for this procedure. Our surgeons will take a complete health history to determine if this procedure is right for you.

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