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What is Coolief?

Chronic knee osteoarthritis doesn’t necessarily need to be treated by surgery or medication. We offer a minimally invasive option with a short recovery time. COOLIEF COOLED RADIOFREQUENCY TREATMENT is an advanced outpatient procedure that targets the sensory nerves which cause pain. This innovative therapy circulates water through a device while heating nervous tissue to create a large treatment area. Unlike other radio frequency treatments, COOLIEF targets the pain-causing nerves without the need for excessive heat, resulting in pain relief. With this approach, there is no incision or anesthesia, so you can return home shortly after the procedure. Patients typically begin to feel pain relief within one to two weeks, and studies have shown they can enjoy pain relief for up to 24 months. Our orthopedics, who are COOLIEF-trained physicians, can help determine if this procedure is right for you.


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Yes! We participate with most major insurance plans. 


Yes! We participate with most major insurance plans!

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