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What are Foot & Ankle Fractures?

With over 26 bones, the foot and ankle are common locations for bone fractures. A fracture is a break or cracks in a bone that can cause pain and swell in the affected area. FOOT AND ANKLE FRACTURES most commonly occur from injuries, such as a fall or other event that places great force on the foot. Certain factors such as age and osteoporosis can increase a patient’s risk for fractures, and may also be a major cause since bones begin to weaken and become brittle as we age. There are several different types of foot and ankle fractures depending on which bone is affected and the severity of the fractures. A fracture may occur in the phalanges (toes), metatarsals, talus, calcaneus, tibia or fibula.


Treatment for foot and ankle fractures depends on the type, severity and location of the fracture. Your doctor will often begin treatment with conservative methods such as rest, ice, immobilization and anti-inflammatory medication to see if the fracture heals on its own. If a fracture is not out of place and the bone remains stable, most can be effectively treated without surgery. Surgery, however, may be required for some cases to set or realign the fracture and help promote healthy healing. Surgery may use a metal plate, rod or screws to realign the bone fragments and hold them in place while they heal.

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