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What is Hip Arthroscopy?

HIP ARTHROSCOPY is a minimally invasive procedure that can repair damages or injury to the hip joint through the use of tiny incisions and camera guidance. This procedure is preferred over traditional open hip surgery because of its safer techniques and shorter recovery time.

We have several physicians who are proficient in advanced arthroscopic procedures, including. Dr. Oscar Vazquez, who received specialized training in hip arthroscopy, and Dr. Michael Benke, who has completed advanced training in Sports Medicine and Arthroscopy and was nominated as one of the American Orthopaedic Association’s Emerging Leaders.

When is the procedure performed?

This procedure can often be used to postpone or eliminate the need for hip replacement surgery, and is most commonly performed in younger patients. Hip arthroscopy can be used to treat a wide range of hip conditions, including:

• Repair a labral tear
• Remove loose bodies in the hip
• Early degenerative arthritis
• Cartilage defects
• Impingement


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Meet Our Hip Experts

Thomas John, MD

Joint Replacement Specialist

Michael Benke, MD

Sports Medicine Specialist

Oscar Vazquez, MD

Sports Medicine Specialist

Our Vast Experience in Treating Hip Injuries and Conditions Is Second to None

Yes! We participate with most major insurance plans!

Yes! We participate with most major insurance plans. 


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