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What is a Hip Replacement?

HIP REPLACEMENT is a surgical procedure that removes a painful, damaged hip joint and replaces it with an artificial prosthetic to relieve symptoms and restore movement to the joint. Dr. Thomas John is a premier specialist in primary, complex, and revision total knee and hip replacement surgery with a special interest in minimally invasive techniques, direct anterior and posterior hip replacement, robotic and computer assisted surgery.

When is the procedure performed?

Hip replacement may be used to treat arthritis and other degenerative conditions after nonsurgical treatments have failed. As these conditions progress, the cartilage covering the joint continues to wear away, causing symptoms to worsen so that the bone ends eventually rub together. This may cause severe pain, stiffness and a loss of motion for patients. Hip replacement is considered a final solution for patients who have been unsuccessful when using other forms of treatment.


There are several different options available for performing this procedure. Your doctor will decide which option is best for you depending on your age, overall health, and the severity of your condition. Many hip replacement procedures can be performed through a few small incisions to help minimize scarring and shorten the recovery time after surgery.

During hip replacement surgery, you will receive anesthesia to help minimize discomfort before removing the damaged cartilage and bone from the joint. The artificial replacement, made from metal, plastic or ceramic, is then positioned into the joint to help restore movement. The hip joint consists of a ball and socket, which are both replaced and then cemented into the joint.

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Yes! We participate with most major insurance plans. 


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