Our Patients’ Success Stories

Our orthopedic specialists have helped thousands of patients’ relieve pain, regain mobility and improved the quality of their lives getting them back to doing the things they love.

These are their stories.

Savannah's Story

Sixteen-year-old Savannah suffered a torn ACL during a high school soccer game. She was treated by Dr. Benke and just one year later she is back on the field showing she is a force to be reckoned with.


Dr. Benke Testimonial

“Dr. Benke understood the urgency of identifying and determining next steps for my knee pain since my wedding is only a few weeks away. He was congenial and provided a short term solution as well as a long term follow up to ultimately fix the problem in my knee, (10 mm bone mass that needs to be removed and partially torn meniscus). He is professional and willing to educate his patients on the injury that has been discovered. Additionally, Barbara showed empathy and the same sense of urgency when determining scheduling for next steps. During a time that could have been considered a crisis, both Dr. Bentke and Barbara gave me peace of mind.”

-Danielle W.

Dr. John Testimonial

“I have been trying to get relief on a bad knee Replace I had 6 years ago. I must have gone to 20 Doctors at HSS, etc. All they wanted to do was cut. No one had an answer. I went to see Dr. John. He spent at least 30 minutes with me and he came up with a nonsurgical solution. It worked. The staff is amazing and I highly recommend Active Orthopedics.”

-Allen R.

Dr. Guiffrida Testimonial

“Dr. Giuffrida put my wrist back together after I shattered it in a bad accident. She could have done a standard 1 plate fixation for the bone and finished the surgery in 1 hour. Instead she put in 3 smaller plates to make sure that the joint would be perfectly held in place in 3 dimensions. This was very difficult to do and took her over 3 hours, but the result is amazing. I am already close to recovering full function of my wrist, which is a miracle considering how bad the accident was.”

-Alex S.

Dr. Napoli Testimonial

“Dr. Napoli took time to make sure everything was clear and we understood the recovery time. His staff was very courteous and helpful, and we never had to wait more than five minutes in the waiting room for an appointment!”

-Nina A.

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